Why Should I get a Residential sprinkler system?
Here are the facts

Home Fires: No Strategy Has as Much Documented Life Safety Effectiveness
as Fire Sprinklers
The fire problem in the U.S. is overwhelmingly a home fire problem. According to the National
Fire Protection Association (NFPA), homes account for about 80% of all fire deaths in a typical
year and more than 95% of all deaths in structure fires in a typical year. Quite clearly, any
improvements in overall fire safety must be improvements in home fire safety, and no strategy
has as much documented life safety effectiveness as fire sprinklers.

Homes Burn, Whether New or Old
Few fatal home fires involve installed features of homes. Instead, they usually involve the
actions and errors of the occupants in combination with the flaws and vulnerabilities of products
brought into the home.

Fires Today “Burn Faster and Kill Quicker”
New homes benefit from fire sprinkler protection as much as older homes. Research conducted
by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has shown that home fires become
deadly in as few as three minutes. “Fires today seem to burn faster and kill quicker, because the
contents of modern homes (such as furnishings) can burn faster and more intensely,” says NIST
Research Richard Bukowski. New and old homes alike are filled with these newer contents and
furnishings, which provide less margin for success for smoke alarms and add to the need for fire

Important Information about Smoke Alarms
Smoke alarms provide valuable early warning in dwellings. LASCO recommends that every home
have working smoke alarms installed on each level. For smoke alarms to be effective, occupants
must react quickly and escape immediately. Every household should hold regular fire drills to
practice how to properly respond to a fire alarm. Many high-risk populations – infants, children,
people with disabilities, older adults – can have difficulty hearing and waking to smoke alarms,
and difficulty reacting quickly and effectively enough for safe escape. Their lives depend on
stopping the fire early in its development. Their lives depend on fire sprinklers.

Fire Sprinklers Are a Smart Investment for Homeowners
Installing fire sprinklers in a new home is equivalent to installing solid-surface counter tops or
other similar upgrades. The sprinkler system is paid for over the life of a mortgage, just as is the
electrical or plumbing system. A national poll conducted by Harris Interactive® showed that two-
thirds (69%) of U.S. homeowners say having a fire sprinkler system increases a home’s value.
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